Does the product need to be painted, or maybe assembled? Our wide range of finishing solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs.

As far as we are concerned, an end-product can be anything from a bent sheet metal part to an assembled ready-made product, packed and shipped to your end-customer. Our different production units contribute to a wide range of finishing applications, whatever the needs and scope.

We can add finishing to bending, die-cutting and laser cutting. You have a product to sell. Our job is to be part of the creation of that product and to find simple solutions. Because we have more than one production unit, our increased capacity means we can offer different turnkey solutions. We join, assemble, surface, drum, paint, package and distribute parts for you, to order. And we’ll make sure that the parts we deliver help to improve the overall quality of your product.

Questions about bespoke, turnkey solutions? Get in touch!