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    Every day, the Swedish steel industry contributes to community building all over the world. Something that we at GLS Industries take great pride in being part of. We are also part of a community in which sustainability, for many reasons, is a high on the list and something that we at GLS Industries prioritise very highly. The GLS Green Vision puts a name to the work that pervades our organisation and production; we shall at all times identify and respond to anything, big or small, that can contribute to a positive development.


    Identification – being aware of potential development opportunities, big and small.


    Prioritisation – actively receiving and prioritising the suggestions and opportunities that arise.


    Action – making sure that what is prioritised moves from plan to action.

    Kvalitet och miljö

    Our focus areas 

    GLS Green Vision is a long-term programme in which it is our ambition to delve into every single detail in our processes. Our focus group has been charged with the task of identifying where, how and when improvements can be made. But a long-term transition doesn’t happen overnight, so we have chosen our most important focus areas to enable us to prioritise and move from plan to action in a rational way.

    Find out more about our sustainability work!


    GLS is working to ensure that we consume energy more efficiently. By reducing our energy consumption, contributing to generating our own energy and choosing green electricity, we reduce our environmental impact.


    During 2013, we consumed 1,800 MWh, since when we have doubled our workforce, added 3,500 sq.m. and increased our net sales by more than SEK 100 million, while our total energy consumption has fallen by 20%.


    We generate 15% of our energy consumption ourselves via our solar panels. An additional expansion of the solar panels is planned during 2024.


    Steel production is one of the biggest sources of emissions there is. One tonne of steel creates almost two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This highlights the importance of working as efficiently as possible to minimise waste, but also of finding ways to recycle and reuse materials in a sustainable way. We give our employees continuous training so that they can operate the machines in the best way and check that the products are maintaining a high, consistent level of quality.


    We recycle 99.9% of all steel in our production.


    We have a goal that scrapped items shall make up no more than 0.5% of the total produced.


    By optimising flows and reducing unnecessary transport operations, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions; we have purchased a baler for compressing plastic and corrugated cardboard, which has reduced waste collection by 35%. We have installed a stock management system that reduces setup times and creates a safer work environment through less forklift truck traffic in the factory.


    By compressing our plastic, corrugated cardboard and paper waste, we have reduced the collection of our waste by 35%.


    GLS is working to ensure that we consume energy more efficiently. By reducing our energy consumption, contributing to generating our own energy and choosing green electricity, we reduce our environmental impact.


    Bottom-opening Binge ContainersTM are used for handling waste. The smart design provides bigger volume in the containers and means up to 50% fewer emptying operations. Ergonomically sound, as the forklift truck driver does not need to get out of the truck, and increased safety as it means less forklift truck traffic.



    The properties of steel are in a state of constant development, and the steel industry’s products are crucial for sustainable social development. At GLS Industries, we have set our sights on being Europe’s leading sheet metal processor, and we are convinced that active work on sustainability is a step along this path. As a company, we contribute to the impact on society. We are looking for opportunities to make the transition, as we want to be involved in deciding what footprint we leave behind us.


    Fossil-free steel

    The steel industry is developing at a furious pace. At GLS, we have a vision of offering 100% fossil-free steel in our products.


    VD Jens blickar framåt

    Through the GLS Green Vision initiative, we want to create engagement and a new mindset throughout the Group.

    Jens Petersson, CEO at GLS Industries