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    Anställd på GLS Industries



    At our production unit in Gnosjö, we work with ultra-modern machines. We offer high-precision laser cutting that is characterised by fast lead times and low initial costs. Our advanced die-cutting facility has minimal energy consumption and maximum sheet metal utilisation. At Gnosjö, we also have an advanced bending centre with automated folding machines where we manufacture products such as doors, shelves and panels. Our various robot cells enable us to process both thick sheet metal parts and smaller, more complex products. We meet our customers’ needs efficiently, whatever the run sizes.

    Examples of industries: Electricity and telecoms, workplace and retail interiors, construction and lighting, robot/machine protection.

    We offer these services at GLS Laserstans – Gnosjö:

    VD Jens blickar framåt

    We want to reduce our environmental impact in order to be able to run a business that can create growth in the long term.

    GLS also want to be an attractive workplace for current and future employees. By continuing to apply the methodology of the Production Leap, the aim is to create engagement and participation around our sustainability work. 

    Jens Petersson CEO at GLS Laserstans - Gnosjö


    David Peterssons Metallfabrik

    Gnosjö resident David Petersson moves back to the place he was born and sets up David Peterssons Metallfabrik. They manufacture products for customers such as Garo and SJ.


    Erik buys out his siblings 

    After the siblings had run the company following the death of their father, David, Jens’ uncle, Erik, decides to buy out the other five siblings.


    Jonny becomes the sole owner of David Peterssons Metallfabrik

    When Erik dies suddenly, Jonny takes over as owner and continues to run the business in the same direction.


    Jens takes over the company

    Jens Petersson takes over the company after the death of his father.


    Invests in an edge press

    The company invests in its first Amada edge press, shortly followed by a punching machine, and starts to expand its range of sheet metal.


    Name change to Gnosjö Laserstans 

    The company changes its name to Gnosjö Laserstans and exhibits at the Elmia trade fair in Jönköping.


    Starts work to become a Lean-based business

    Involvement in the Production Leap programme initiated the move to become a Lean-based business.


    Acquires Lasercentrum

    The vision to become Europe’s leading sheet metal processor is established, and the acquisition of neighbouring company Lasercentrum takes place.


    Name change to GLS Industries

    Having expanded in both Värnamo and Ljungby, the company changes to the more global name of GLS Industries.


    Starts long-term work on sustainability 

    The Eco Leap project is launched, initiating long-term work on sustainability at GLS Industries. This becomes an increasingly important focus area that will guide the directions and initiatives of the next few years.